38 Ways to to Make TODAY the Best Day of Your Life

How you spend your day – literally, hour by hour – will determine how much money you make, how happy you are, how healthy you are and how successful you become.

Period. Amen. Q.E.D.

Here are 38 ways to make TODAY the best day of your life:

1. Today, accomplish three highly valuable activities.

2. Today, achieve small victories.

3. Today, add value to yourself.

4. Today, approach everything you do as practice.

5. Today, ask dangerous questions.

6. Today, ask for help.

7. Today, ask for the sale.

8. Today, be thankful for it all.

9. Today, break a few rules.

10. Today, count the lies you told yourself.

11. Today, deliberately add value to your business.

12. Today, demonstrate a value that is near and dear to your heart.

13. Today, enhance your celebrity status.

14. Today, facilitate self-discovery and reflection.

15. Today, fail at something.

16. Today, gather creative fruit.

17. Today, give yourself away.

18. Today, give yourself permission.

19. Today, go quietly inside yourself.

20. Today, ignore the would-be deflectors of your one true dream.

21. Today, increase your freedom tomorrow.

22. Today, make sure some part of you gets stronger.

23. Today, make sure some part of your life gets better.

24. Today, make the effort today to become the person you want to be.

25. Today, make the tasks on your agenda worthy of your life.

26. Today, make your non-billable time worthwhile.

27. Today, move a little closer to your goals.

28. Today, personally amputate the people who don’t believe in you.

29. Today, put your ear to the ground and listen for things that are coming.

30. Today, risk turning some people off.

31. Today, rock your own socks off by constantly impress yourself.

32. Today, solidify your boundaries by saying no to the wrong things.

33. Today, solidify your boundaries by saying yes to the right things.

34. Today, trust that the best thing that could have happened, happened.

35. Today, validate your existence.

36. Today, walk your truth in a world of (mostly) fiction.

37. Today, work on your legacy.

38. Today, write something.

Pick one. Or three. Or make up your own list.

It doesn’t matter how many you do.

All that matters is that you do them TODAY.


How will you make today best day of your life?

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