20 Keys to Crafting a Career You Can Be Proud Of

1. Action isn’t just eloquence, it’s credibility. And it’s rare. So if you make it your practice to actually execute your ideas quickly, you’ll be ahead of 90% of the world. What have you taken action on today?

2. Be careful not to set too low a price point for your own value. It’s hard to raise it back up. Are you charging enough?

3. Be fierce and original in your work. Stealing other people’s ideas is easy. Doing your own thing is a challenge. Which road will you take?

4. Be gentle and non-critical of yourself. When you mess up, don’t say, “I suck!” Try saying, “Next time!” or “Until now, I used to suck…” or “Starting today, I’m getting better at…” Do you listen to the way you talk to yourself?

5. Be honest with yourself about what really matters to and motivates you. Otherwise everything you do will have an undercurrent of slight suckiness. What are your non-negotiables?

6. Be in the presence of advanced souls more frequently. And when you are, listen. Take notes. Ask questions. Watch them BE. Best learning in the world. Whom are you allowing to mentor you?

7. Be just as much of a rockstar off stage. That way people won’t have to guess which version of you they’re dealing with. How deep is the gap between your onstage performance and your backstage reality?

8. Be the answer. “Solve problems that are real, expensive, urgent and pervasive,” says my pal David Newman. What were you designed to cure?

9. Become a fixture in your industry. Make sure everyone else who does what you do knows who you are and what you do. Whom are you known by?

10. Charge enough so people will listen TO – and actually DO – what you say. Your time isn’t valuable – it’s billable. And you need to educate people on your value. To help them realize that you get what you pay for. Remember: If people don’t pay you, they don’t hear you. So, if they don’t hire you, don’t solve their problem. How could you turn bloodsuckers into clients?

11. Chose to make personal growth your daily discipline. That way, every day, some part of you gets stronger. And every say, some part of your life gets better. The cool part is, after a few years, that stuff really starts to add up. Especially when you’re writing it all down. How did you grow today?

12. Decide whom you want to become a known entity to. Could be a boss. Or a customer. Or a prospect. Or a competitor. Or a coworker. Or a company you’d LOVE to work at. Doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that you develop a strategy for regularly appearing on that person’s radar in a value-based, word-of-mouth driven way. Who needs to know who you are?

13. Define and redefine your definition of success. When you write your own definition of your success your life accelerates. Period. So, keep images of that definition in front of your face daily. And affirm that your version of success has already happened daily. Your mind won’t know the difference, and it will just assume you’re already successful. And then you’ll start acting that way. And then it will be happening before you realize it. Sweet. What’s your personal definition of success?

14. Don’t assume that everyone is broke and won’t support you. Bad economy, schmad economy. People have money. And they will happily give it to the person who solves their problems and makes them fall in love with themselves. Who has your money in their pockets?

15. Don’t come across as someone who has a sense of scarcity. Dump every relevant fact without the fear that it would reduce your value. Free works. And remember that the more you give away for free, the wealthier you will be. Don’t worry: The world will pay you back. Are you giving away enough?

16. Don’t march to the beat of a different drummer – BE the drummer. You don’t need lessons. You don’t need to know how to read music. You only need to know how to listen to your heart and play what you feel without skipping a beat. What are you marching to?

17. Drive the competition crazy. Make them hate your guts. Make them slam their fist down on the table when they see your website and yell, “Damn it! We should be doing stuff like that!” Who hates you?

18. Everything that happens in your life affords SOME value. The secret is to design a system for drawing wisdom from every experience. Personally, I make lists of lessons I learned from everything. It’s quick, easy and fun. I’m also super O.C.D. and that’s just the way I think. How do you extract value from your experiences?

19. Figure it out by DOING it. You can only read so many books, watch so many videos, listen to so many audio programs and interview so many people. Eventually, you just have to jump into the water with your clothes on and trust that you’ll figure out how to swim before the water fills your lungs. Are you talking or doing?

20. Forget about the HOW and touch the center of WHY. How is overrated. How is a dream destroyer. Don’t be stopped by not knowing it. Instead, find out why. Why fuels you. Why is what matters. Why is what sustains you after the how becomes irrelevant. What’s your WHY?

Are you creating a career you can be proud of?

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