3 chunks of out-of-print wisdom

On the shelves of my father’s library, I recently found a book called Dare to Live, by Joe D. Batten. First published in 1966, this was one of the first titles in Batten’s extenstive leadership library. Over the decades, Joe went on to accomplish great things in the world of “Tough Minded Management.” He was also Ross Perot’s mentor.

Can I finish?

He was also among the first professional speakers voted into the Speakers Hall of Fame and the man who coined the phrase “Be all that you can be” for the Army.

I think Dare to Live is probably out of print, I thought I’d share a few passages I really liked:

Life without work is a shortcut to deterioration.

When we don’t have something that makes our heart beat rapidly, that makes our senses quicken, we do not force the blood out to our extremities and we begin to dry up and wither from the outside in.

The true pro gets up in front of the group and he probably has even more tension than the amateur, but this tension is flowing out from him and reaching out and enveloping, affecting and energizing his audience.

Good stuff. Thanks Joe B.

What’s your favorite out of print or rare book?

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