Your quest for a life of your own

We all have those moments when we see through the matrix. When we realize, wow, if I don’t create my own structure, I’ll have to deal with somebody else’s. If I’m not clear about what I want, life will just happen to me. 

I’ll never forget attending the job fair during my senior year of college. With a stack of resumes in my hand, I headed toward the auditorium. And as I walked across the threshold, amidst a sea of stale, corporate exhibits, piles of free notepads and hundreds of fellow students hopping from booth to booth trying to prove themselves to people they didn’t even like, one question entered my mind. 

What the hell am I doing here? 

After two uncomfortable minutes, I turned around, threw my resumes in the garbage, walked home and finished my first book. And when I graduated, I hired myself and got to work. Because I knew that the job fair was just another occupational fairy tale, and I wasn’t interested in buying into that story. 

And so, instead of cowering in slavish bondage to circumstance, allowing others to determine my priorities, I focused on injecting more control over my career. I committed to executing projects that had the ability to set me free. And I worked on finding new ways to own my world. All part of the quest for a life of my own. 

The point is, we’re all wandering through this world, looking for an anchor to hold us, searching for the thread that might make us free. And so, the only relevant question is whether or not we will let it be possible for us. 


What moment inspired you to reorient your career into a more compelling direction?


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