Your earning capacity is directly related to your belief capacity

An entrepreneur’s income is a result of his standards. 

Not the industry, not the economy, not the man, not the government, not the competition, not the system, not the marketplace, not the city he lives in, but his standards. His ability to sell himself on himself. 

And so, he should never curse an empty calendar. Because it’s not a calendar, it’s a mirror. It’s a reflection of his level of belief in himself. 

I remember when I first made the transition from pro bono to paid work. I was terrified of asking for the sale. To the point of total call reluctance. Until one afternoon, my mentor gave me a sales assignment I never forgot. He told me to stand in front of the mirror for twenty minutes a day, every day, and state my fee confidently until I believed in myself. 

I felt ridiculous. Probably because I wasn’t wearing pants. But once I stopped laughing at myself and started locking into the sales zone, a surge of energy came up to meet me. And I made a decision to take responsibility for the energy I brought to the world. 

That sales assignment changed my life. It cracked open my belief capacity. It equipped me with the confidence I needed to grow my business. And I never sold the same way again. 

Lesson learned, instead of cursing an empty calendar, expand your energetic relationship to the world. 


What belief about yourself have you held on to that has out lived it usefulness in your life?


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