You must own your own land

Marx once said that power belongs to those who control the
means of production. 

This is especially applicable to artists and

You must own your own land. When you sharecrop, you can’t expect
to be treated fairly. 

I once had the opportunity to write a course curriculum
for a renowned university. The project seemed interesting and challenging and
different and I was excited to move forward. 

Until I discovered that it not
only paid zilch, but the university planned on retaining full ownership of my
intellectual property. And that truly scared me. The prospect of creating
something from whole cloth, something substantial that I was truly proud of,
but not being able to call it my own,
literally made my stomach hurt. 

And don’t get me wrong. I’m all for
institutionalizing my content. I’m happy to sell an organization the rights to
take my intellectual property forward. 

But at the end of the day, my work
belongs to me. Call me a control freak, call me a stubborn idealist, call me a
fierce individualist, but I’m not going invest in anything that I can’t
directly control every aspect of. 

I’m reminded of an inspiring book about the freedom of
blogging, in which the author explained, by owning your own media, you own your
own platform. Own your own platform, and you own your own career. Own your own
career, and you own your own life. Own your own life, and that, my friends, is
what freedom is all about. 


What are you doing today to increase your freedom tomorrow?


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