You let your kid wear a nametag everyday?

People think my parents are crazy.

Which, if you think about it, kind of makes sense.

Because when someone hears my story, one of the first questions asked of my parents is:

“Wait, you let your kid wear a nametag everyday? Are you INSANE?”

And usually, my parents just laugh. They get this question all the time. Hell, it’s been nine years.

But the cool part is the way they respond to it.

Actually, I remember I first time I told my parents about my crazy idea.

November 23rd, 2000. Thanksgiving dinner table.

“Mom, Dad … I want to wear a nametag everyday for the rest of my life!”

Once they reattached their jaws, believe it or not, the first word out of their mouths was, “Cool!”

Well, at least that was the first word they said out LOUD. I imagine the silent dialogue sounded a little more like, “What drugs is our son taking?”

So I guess it’s not surprising that people think my parents are crazy.

Of course, that’s not accurate.

Although I might be insane, my parents aren’t. Actually, they’re like, the most levelheaded, down to earth, smartest parents anyone could ever ask for.


Because they trust me.

They always have.

Since DAY ONE of wearing a nametag – in fact, since day one of turning 18 – they’ve always attended to me with this attitude of, “Scott, you’re an adult now. We’ve done everything we possibly could to instill in you a foundation of love and respect and character. And because we trust ourselves, we now believe that you will trust yourself. And so, if you really want to wear a nametag everyday, well, I guess there’s nothing we can do to stop you.”

Of course, that was usually punctuated with, “But you’re not REALLY gonna do this all the time, are you?”

“Yeah, I really am,” I’d shrug.

And they’d just smile.

So, Mom and Dad, today I wish you a Happy 35th Anniversary.

Thanks for staying married.
Thanks for trusting your own resources.
Thanks for never getting lazy with each other.

And thanks for remaining sane so that I could continue to be insane.

I love you!

How do you show your kids that you trust them?

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