You know, I always wanted to write a book…

About a year ago I read an article from USA Today that stated: “8 out of every 10 Americans want to write a book; but less that ONE will actually do it.”

Sound about right?

Well, think about it: how many people (yourself included) have ever said, “I would love to write a book someday!” My guess is, a lot. And after being involved with the St. Louis Publishers Association for the past few years; as well as authoring a few books myself, allow me to explain why people think this way:

1) They don’t think anyone will read their book
2) They don’t know how to start writing their book
3) They don’t have enough time to keep writing their book
3) They don’t possess the discipline to finish their book

Due in part to these reasons, people end up NOT writing their books. Which is a shame, because I know there are some amazing books out there just waiting to be written and shared with the world. And speaking from experience, let me say this: there is no greater smell than that first copy off the printing press; no better sense of accomplishment than to hold your own book in your hand; and no funnier moment than reading through that book only to discover how many typo’s you overlooked – yet NOT caring because that baby is DONE!!

Remember, you don’t have to be great to get started; but you have to get started to be great. So hey, if you wanna write a book – do it. Now. The only person standing in your way is the author.


When you write your book, what will it be about?

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Scott Ginsberg
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