You get what your hand calls for

Each of us has, in one way or another, been programmed to deny our own desires. 

And if we have any intention of living authentic, integrated and fulfilling lives, we have to transform our relationship with our own needs. 

In four separate areas. Accepting, assessing, expressing and applauding. 

Each of which requires us to shift from one state of being to another. 

First, there’s accepting. 

Instead of shutting down and walling in our seething cauldron of resentment, we allow disappointment to guide us into a deeper understanding of what we need. Instead of anesthetizing ourselves away from our own hungers, we accept ourselves as people who have needs that deserve to be met. 

Second, there’s assessing. 

Instead of sacrificing own our sanity and health in the name of pleasing, we actually take the time to care for ourselves first. Instead of convincing ourselves that the only option is to acquiesce to people’s demands or be the bad guy, we take the necessary steps to become a more whole person. 

Third, there’s, expressing.

Instead of passively waiting for another person to make the first move, we take responsibility for meeting our own needs. Instead of being disconnected from our own desires, we risk revealing our real requirements to others. Instead of denying ourselves things that bring us joy, we confidently and courageously ask for that which serves our long term wellbeing. 

Finally, there’s applauding. 

Instead of hedging, apologizing and justifying along the journey, we own the process as life. Instead of feeling guilty about asking for and obtaining what we need, we actually enjoy it when it arrives. 

Remember, you get what your hand calls for. And the result of tasking responsibility for meeting your own needs is something you can find anywhere else. 

A wellspring of total body bliss. 


Are you allowing yourself the freedom to accept, assess and express what you need?
* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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