You are what you read. Or eat. Or hang out with. Or experience. Or…whatever

I’m not sure where this post is coming from, but recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the whole “You are what you…” type of comment.

I listened to Wayne Dyer’s new book on tape while driving to Columbus, and he said some pretty powerful stuff.

So, here are all the examples I’ve heard before:

You are what you do consistently.
You are what you believe.
You are who you love.
You are your experiences.
You are your job.
You are what you acquire.
You are what you charge.
You are what you wear.
You are what you eat.
You are what you watch on TV.
You are what you do for a living.
You are what other people say about you.
You are what you think about most of the time.
You are who you hang out with.
You are what you listen to.

My fav: You are the books you’ve read and the people you’ve met.


How do you finish the sentence, “You are what you…”?

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Scott Ginsberg
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