Yeah, it’s remarkable, BUT…

There are a LOT of remarkable ideas out there.
There are a LOT of remarkable people out there.
There are a LOT of remarkable businesses out there.


Remarkability is no longer enough.

In my experience, there are two levels of remarkability.

First, there’s BASELINE remarkability.

“Something worth making a remark about,” as Seth Godin explained in Purple Cow.

Which is good. And essential.

But again, it’s not enough.

See, in ADDITION to (just) being remarkable; you, your idea and your business must advance to the second level: ENDURING remarkability.

Which means answering, “Yes!” to the following questions:

1. Yeah, it’s remarkable … but is it relevant?
Because if it isn’t, no media outlet will give you the time of day.

2. Yeah, it’s remarkable … but do people even care?
Because if they don’t, they’re not going to take any action as a result.

3. Yeah, it’s remarkable … but is it worthwhile?
Because if it’s not, nobody is going to see any value behind it.

4. Yeah, it’s remarkable … but is it marketable?
Because if it’s not, you’ll waste your company’s time, money and energy.

5. Yeah, it’s remarkable … but is there quality substance behind it?
Because if there isn’t, it doesn’t matter how many people are talking about it.

6. Yeah, it’s remarkable … but does it support your brand?
Because if it doesn’t, what’s the point?

– – –

That’s enduring remarkability. And now, to go a bit deeper, consider these three examples:

1. Remember the story about the girl who had been hiccuping for three weeks? OK, I admit, that was pretty funny. And she got LOTS of media attention.

BUT, HERE’S MY QUESTION: What were people supposed to do, feel or think differently as a result?

AND, HERE’S MY OTHER QUESTION: Where is that girl NOW?

2. YouTube has a LOT of really funny, really ridiculous videos that are certainly remarkable. Hey, even I’ve emailed friends encouraging them to check out certain clips.

BUT, HERE’S MY QUESTION: Are YouTube viewing experiences anything other than 20 seconds of mindless entertainment?

WHICH LEADS TO MY OTHER QUESTION: In a year, will anybody care about (or even remember) a video about some 12 year-old kid who sang karaoke to Queen in his mom’s basement?

3. Remember Crystal Pepsi? Sure, it was a cool, novel idea that LOTS of people told their friends about.

BUT, HERE’S MY QUESTION: Did all that hype change the fact that Crystal Pepsi tasted like feet?

AND, HERE’S MY OTHER QUESTION: Does word of mouth even matter if the product lacks the quality to support it?

– – –

Ultimately, when it comes to being remarkable, remember three things:
Don’t force it.
Because it won’t be authentic.

Don’t be all shtick and no substance.
Because you need to have both.

Don’t be remarkable just for the sake of being remarkable.
Because that’s not going to last.

Instead, make sure you, your idea and your company are remarkable on (both) baseline AND enduring levels.

Otherwise, people can talk all they want about you.

But it won’t be enough.

Why are people talking about YOU?

For a list called, “19 Ways to Build Buzz about Your New Website,” send an email to and I’ll help you build baseline AND enduring remarkability!

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