Who needs to be seen here?

In a group setting, certain personality types can be annoying, exhausting and disruptive to the collective energy of the room. 

Consider how many times you were stuck in a meeting with a person who did one of the following. 

Speaks way longer than they should, lacks sensitivity to nonverbal cues, provides unnecessary or redundant elaboration, makes excessive contributions that draw attention away from the task, believes that other group members care as much about the subject as they do, or simply loves the sound of their own voice. 

Anyone want to break for lunch? 

And yet, before we blackball these people from the group, we might use a little empathy to bring our heart out of the cold. Because maybe this is a new thing for them. After all, some people are so used to not being seen, that the moment our eyes gaze upon them with real love and care to actually listen to what they say, they can’t help but relish in that attention. 

To the point that they might even hog the spotlight and monopolize the group’s time. 

It’s like the first time we learn to masturbate. One day we start fondling ourselves and it feels really good, and then we’re like, holy cow, I can do this anytime I want? Clear my calendar. It’s gonna be a long week. 

And so, can we really blame these people for monopolizing the conversation if they are used to being invisible? 

For all we know, this might be the first time they’ve ever feel seen in their lives. 

As annoying as it might seem in the moment, in the broader context of a human life, what a privilege that is to witness. 


Whose life are you making judgments about because you don’t know them that well?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.  



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