What they won’t tell you in The Secret

I’m pretty much obsessed with The Secret.

You can’t argue it. It really is a cool movie.

Smart. Poignant. Inspirational.

And of course, deliciously hokey.

Which isn’t to say it’s bad. Just because something is hokey doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. I’ve personally applied several visualization tips from The Secret and seen some incredible results in my personal and professional life.

But, (and this is a BIG butt, here)…

The people in The Secret make it look EASY.

Which is kind of misleading. Because it’s not easy.

You can’t just “think” your way to success.
You can’t just make a vision board and expect stuff to happen.

Honestly, I think if The Secret were true to life, it would be a ten-hour movie.

AND, nine hours and forty-seven minutes of those ten hours would be all those good looking, impossibly positive, super successful people telling the camera about:

o All the grunt work
o All the long hours
o All the insufferable crap
o All the family members and friends who didn’t see them for months at a time because they were working so hard

…COMBINED with their mental and spiritual prowess to create success.

That would be a little more believable.

IN SHORT: 90% of success isn’t seen.

People like Tiger Woods, Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, (insert rich and successful person here)…

…work their ASSES off!

But you don’t see that. That’s not what they show on FOX. Or ESPN. Or The Secret.

You see the 10.

You don’t see Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer in the world, when he’s practicing for six hours a day.

You just see his 350-yard drive.

You don’t see Donald Trump, the most successful businessman in the world, when he’s working 18-hour days.

You just see his buildings sell for millions.

And you don’t see Jack Canfield, the most successful author in the world, when he’s secluding himself in a cabin for nine months to write his next book.

You just see his name on the bestseller list.

So, next time you turn on the TV, flip open Golf Digest or hear someone talking about how cool (and how easy) The Secret is, just remember one thing:

Nobody sees the 90.

What do you think about The Secret?

Tell us your secret…here!

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That Guy with the Nametag

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