What Nobody Tells Us About Our Dreams

There’s nothing more painful than being patient with a dream.

Even if we do cast a vision, enlist support from every angle, hustle while we wait and take small, daily steps to move the pile forward, the dream still feels miles away.

And in the process, our expectations get crushed.

It takes longer than we like. Nobody tells us that when we answer the call to adventure, we might be placed on hold for a year.

It feels harder than we predicted. Nobody tells us that arriving to a new world is just as demanding as thriving in it.

It aches more than we thought. Nobody tells us that when we decide to play a bigger game, chest pains and anxiety attacks come with the package.

It changes more than we imagined. Nobody tells us that when we take the plunge, we have to leave parts of our former selves behind to stay afloat.

Turns out, waiting in line to get tickets for the game is just as important as the game itself.

But the upside is, all the prework to the dream, all the battles and pains and tears and doubts, are essential in building our resilience for when the dream finally comes true.

Because by that time, we’ll be so beaten up that resistance will back down. It will know we mean business, and it will get the hell out of our way.

And the dream will have no other choice but to come true.


How long are you willing to wait?


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