What Every Leader Needs to Know about Making a Name for Herself

Pablo Neruda once said, “You are the result of yourself.”

When I first read that sentence, the architecture of my heart changed forever.

You are the result of yourself. Wow.

Since then, I’ve been thinking deeply about that very idea – and what it means to me.

As a writer.
As a leader.
As a human being.

Ultimately, I was so inspired by Neruda’s poem that I decided to write my own interpretation of that same philosophy:

1. You are the administrator of your own resurrection. While the rest of the world freezes in the face of an uncertain future, you will choose to ride this wave of ambiguity to a larger version of yourself. Even in spite of overwhelming odds against your advancement, you will show the world what you can be at your best. And you will be unwaveringly vigilant in proving to the world that you’re not going anyway. You are the result of yourself.

2. You are the aficionado of your own boundaries. After all, if you don’t set boundaries for yourself, other people will set them for you. And then they will violate them. And then they will email all their little friends and tell them to do the same. And it will be YOUR fault because you didn’t install limits to promote your integrity. You are the result of yourself.

3. You are the architect of your own future. As long as you believe you deserve and can handle abundant success. And as long as you consciously choose to have a love affair with the universe. You are the result of yourself.

4. You are the artisan of your own happiness. But not because you’re seeking happiness. Rather, that you’re seeking contribution, the residue of which is happiness. You are the result of yourself.

5. You are the perpetrator of your own uniqueness. For that reason, you won’t falter from a lack of identity. Instead, you’ll give your independent identity permission to emerge freely an unimpeded. You’ll set yourself on fire, and adorers will come in hordes to watch you burn. You are the result of yourself.

6. You are the author of your own career. Deciding what you want is the most important work you will ever do. The secret is to exercise a high degree of conscious control in creating the career you desire. Inviting your goals into the bright light of awareness and keeping all activities aligned with those goals. And remembering that everything you do is part of your career. You are the result of yourself.

7. You are the biographer of your own evolution. Instead of mindlessly meandering to avoid risk, mindfully become part of your own process of change. Yes, it’s a lot of work. But it’s always worth paying the price to be in charge of your own life. You are the result of yourself.

8. You are the bishop of your own heart. You grow in your ability to be in control OF yourself the minute you pinpoint the places where you’re operating from a limited view OF yourself – AND – the areas in which you’re not currently in love WITH yourself. You are the result of yourself.

9. You are the broadcaster of your own non-conformity. Make upsetting the status quo your favorite pastime. Ignore everybody. Employ only the approval of your heart. Fall in love with your own set of blueprints. Trust your inner truth. And ultimately rely on your own counsel. You’ll never make a false move. You are the result of yourself.

10. You are the chiseler of your own destiny. You can make yourself and your life what you want because the future is your property. So, create a mental picture of the life you want to live. Create a personal vision of greatness. You are the result of yourself.

11. You are the counselor of your own crisis. You got yourself into it, you’ll get yourself through it, and you’ll get yourself out of it. Here’s how: First, assume that everything and anything can be improved. Next, be willing to risk rejection. Be willing to trust the process of change. Then, authentically engage with whatever circumstances life presents. Be cautiously bold. Be active in preserving and healing the environment. And be not impatient with reasonable delays. You are the result of yourself.

12. You are the custodian of your own creativity. Dissolve your ego and let your soul step forward to take center stage. You are the result of yourself.

13. You are the dean of your own education. Which means you need to be open to discovering new dimensions of yourself. Remember: If it educates you, it’s worthwhile. You are the result of yourself.

14. You are the designer of your own experience. That is, how you respond TO those experiences. For example: Did you reflect on them? Did you write about them? Did you share them with people smarter than you? You are the result of yourself.

15. You are the editor of your own attitude. Because you know that every situation can be optimized, turned around or improved. You are the result of yourself.

16. You are the engineer of your own opportunity. Because you consciously accept that your life is richly blessed. You’re not the kind of person who allows the situation to be responsible for how you feel. Things don’t happen to you – you happen to things. You are the result of yourself.

17. You are the exorcist of your own suckiness. Make the conscious choice to live above the level of mediocrity. You are the result of yourself.

18. You are the governor of your own behavior. Refuse to react automatically and choose to respond consciously. Less blinking, more thinking. You are the result of yourself.

19. You are the merchant of your own values. It is YOU who decides the context in which you operate. It is YOU who maintains a governing philosophy for daily decision-making. You are the result of yourself.

20. You are the overlord of your own stillness. It all begins with the breath. Because if you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace. And if nobody can steal your peace, nobody can stop you from winning. You are the result of yourself..

21. You are the pilot of your own productivity. To forever excel against all resistance, recognize that the world doesn’t want you to get anything done. Your mission is to fully become your own partner for productivity. To make sure everything you’re doing – at any moment during the day – is consistent with your #1 goal. You’ll be more productive than Santa’s Elves on Christmas Eve. You are the result of yourself.

22. You are the priest of your own priorities. Feed that hunger inside yourself. Focus on what fuels you and ignore what impoverishes you. Otherwise, you’ll render yourself into a state of complete ineffectiveness. You are the result of yourself.

23. You are the principal of your own perfectness. Perfection isn’t something you attain – it’s something you uncover. All you have to do is look with the eyes of your heart and scatter the clouds obscuring the light. You are the result of yourself.

24. You are the receptionist of your own purpose. And you need to forge the instrument necessary for the conquest of the world. You are the result of yourself.

25. You are the secretary of your own soul. Let go of your present way of life. Release your old world. Make way for the new. Step out of your familiar misery. Flee from the grave of yesterday and assemble a proud monument to tomorrow. Victory will become inevitable. You are the result of yourself.

26. You are the servant of your own stupidity. You’re only as strong as your last stupid mistake. Remember: It’s ok to be stupid as long as you don’t STAY stupid. You are the result of yourself.

27. You are the technician of your own journey. Call upon untested faculties that await your discovery. Then, cooperate with your dreams and your desire to grow. You are the result of yourself.

28. You are the validator of your own existence. So, consciously carry out the duties of your office and plunge into significance. Because the alternative – the hell of meaninglessness – isn’t a great option. You are the result of yourself.

What is the result of yourself?

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