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It has begun…

(I always wanted to start a blog post that way.) Anyway, great news! I’ll be on The NBC Today Show next week celebrating the 5 Year Nametag Anniversary.

(Learn more about the month-long celebration here.)

The taping date is still TBA, but the reason I’m telling everyone ahead of time is because NBC is sending a camera crew to follow me around all day WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND. THAT’S TODAY!! They’re putting together a “Day In The Life” piece for next week’s show.

For those of you in St. Louis who’d like come out and show your support, join us for lunch outside at:

Keiner Plaza in Downtown St. Louis @ Market Street and Broadway from 11:30-1:30.

We’re going to get lots of people together to eat lunch, talk, hang out, have fun and show the world what approachability really looks like. It’s going to be a blast! (Nametags will be provided for all.)

So if you’d like to come out, please come and show your support! And if you can’t make it, email everyone you know in St. Louis who can.


Got plans for lunch today?

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