Walk away in kindhearted acceptance and get on with your life

If you’re still bloodying your knuckles on doors that you know are not going to open, it’s time to hang up your wrists and stop knocking. 

There is a such thing as misguided persistence. And it can work against you. It’s overwhelming to the person being pursued, and it’s frustrating and counterproductive for the person doing the pursuing. 

Eventually, you have to just stand in graceful surrender, walk away in kindhearted acceptance and get on with your life. 

Because life’s too short to spend your time pushing a van uphill with the breaks on while people throw rocks at the windshield. 

It’s a control thing. Making multiple phone calls and sending reminder emails and showing on people’s front lawns holding up boom boxes that are blasting eighties love songs, these are the ways we delude ourselves into believing that our actions might actually influence human behavior. 

But they won’t. They only serve to make us feel better about ourselves. After all, we’re the ones doing the work. We’re the dedicated party taking action to make things happen. And so, if our efforts fail, it’s their fault, not ours. Idiots

The point is, being more persistent doesn’t earn our way onto the prospect’s calendar, just like staring harder doesn’t allow us see through the girl’s dress. 

Trust me, I’ve tried both. 

The only thing that works is surrender. Acceptance. Letting go of a dream that simply isn’t going to happen, and not beating yourself up along the way. 

Campbell was right. The hero is the one who knows when to surrender and what to surrender to. 


How will you decide when it’s time to let go, and when it’s time to dig deeper to keep your dream alive?


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