Vanishes in the light of other people’s shared troubles

Every day, our minds go to places that are so unnecessary. 

Our pestering unproductive thoughts rattle us to the bone. 

And although we try to wrench those little buggers out of our psyche, calmly appraising them instead of carelessly accepting them, sometimes, there’s just no stopping that train. 

We feel trapped so terribly inside our own head. 

In this situation, the best thing we can do is to displace ourselves. To plunge into the world of other people and pursue the elixir of service. It’s the fastest, easiest, cheapest and most meaningful way to free ourselves from the morbid habit of thinking about ourselves all the goddamn time. 

That’s one of the great joys of attending a support group. It’s sacrosanct time where the focus isn’t just on us and our recurring bullshit. The container the group creates is centered around embodied listening, loving support and authentic feedback with each other. And that cultivates each person’s ability to get out of their own head and into the mire of other people’s lives. 

Not surprisingly, all our petty obsessions of self vanish in the light of other people’s shared troubles. The anxious feelings inside of ourselves evaporate in a hurry once we realize that we’re not alone and everybody is doing the best they can. 

It’s like they say in the recovery world:

Sometimes you need the meeting, and sometimes the meeting needs you. 

It’s give and take. 

But either way, there’s no scorecard. Our good comes from the giving of service itself, not the measurement of its results for others. That elixir is something we pursue for our own benefit. 

And so, if your thoughts are beginning their grueling march on you, and if it feels like the demons in your mind have pick the locks on their cages, displace yourself. Get out of your head into the world of other people. 

There may be a campaign of service marked out for you. 


Have you done anything for anyone else today?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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