Three Words of Advice: Listen

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Listen behind words.
There’s always something (else) being said.

Listen for intent.
It may explain why they said what the said.

Listen to listeners.
That’s a great way to learn.

Listen to yourself.
Because you’re pretty sharp.

Listen without advising.
Especially if people didn’t ask for it.

Listen without defending.
It’s a form of emotional reactivity, and it builds walls.

Listen without distractions.
Duh. That’s just good manners.

Listen without labeling.
Since objectivity is best attitude for solving problems.

Listen, don’t fix.
Because people don’t like to be fixed.

Listen, don’t jump.
Just chill. Stay grounded.

Listen, don’t think.
Do you think too much?

Listeners build confidence.
In themselves AND in the other person.

Listeners don’t bulldoze.
Because that isn’t listening, that’s interrogating.

Listening builds friendships.
Which of your friends is a GREAT listener?

Listening is growing.
Your soul, your creativity and your ears.

Listening is loving.
Jesus was right.

Listening is lubrication.
Which allows the conversation to flow with ease.

Listening is marketing.
Wow. Imagine that.

Listening is midwifing.
Allowing the other person to give birth to her own understanding.

Listening is persuasion.
Because the listener controls.

Listening is questioning.
Pointed, creative, open-ended, penetrating and challenging questioning.

Listening is selling.
Which is ironic, since most salespeople SUCK at listening.

Listening means business.
Yeah dude. No more messing around.

Listening means discomfort.
For the sake of the other person’s comfort.

Listening reduces mistakes.
If you don’t know, just ask!

Listening shocks people.
Which is odd. It’s so rare that it’s actually BECOME remarkable!

Listening takes self-control.
Of your words, of your emotions and of your agendas.

Listening takes work.
But it’s not a performance.

Listening, not solving.
Solving is an agenda, and agendas block listening.

Are you (really) listening?

For the list called, “27 Reasons People Aren’t Listening to You,” send an email to me, and I’ll send you the list for free!

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