The why behind the what

The artist’s statement is equally as inspiring as the artist’s sculpture. 

This micro manifesto, this conscious declaration of creative intentions, this vital link of communication between the artist and the rest of the world, that’s what touches me. 

Not the thing, but the thinking behind it. 

Rozoff, for example, is a novelist who writes what he calls escapist literature. James says that his books aren’t the kind that help you ignore reality, but the kind that help you escape from the illusions and the mindsets that keep you imprisoned in a dull reality, a world limited by fear and devoid of magic. Escape artistry, he says, is the ability to rid ourselves of the artificial constraints we somehow become enmeshed in. 

In a world where it’s far too easy to become trapped in viewpoints that limit our possibilities and lose sight of just how magical life can be, to me, that’s just as meaningful as the book itself. 

The why behind the what, that’s the stuff inspiration is made of. 


Are you moved by the thing, or the thinking behind it?

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Scott Ginsberg

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