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Every entrepreneur is pining for startup capital. 

That very crucial, very early investment, meant to support the business until it can generate cash of its own. In fact, the highly publicized successes of the venture capital world in the seventies and eighties, most notably with tech companies like Apple, ultimately birthed an entire industry of venture capital investment firms and related products and services. 

However, there’s another entrepreneurial asset that should never be overlooked as a viable resource for growing a new business. That’s the value of emotional capital

When I first started my publishing company right out of college, I reluctantly moved back in with my parents. Part of me felt ashamed and weak for doing so. Like I was still this little boy who hadn’t grown up yet. But the other part of me felt grateful and fortunate to even have the opportunity to do so. Like I’d be given this immense power source with which I could pursue my dream. 

And so, I spent the next two years, eight months and twenty nine days living with my parents, running my new business out of their basement. And as I reflect back on that time period, I realize what a gift that experience was. Because moving back in with my parents gave me something more valuable than money, they gave me ability to be brave. The emotional capital I needed to dream big, take risks, bet on myself, fail quietly, learn quickly and grow exponentially. 

And that way, once the time came for the fluttering bird to be pushed out of the nest, I was ready to soar. 


What capital is your business most thankful for?


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