The Monopoly of Expectations

The Islands is a hole in the wall you hope no one else discovers.

just because the portions are huge, the dishes are amazing and the prices are
affordable, but with only five tables, an alarmingly low ceiling and a dining
room the size of your grandma’s attic, you’re basically on top of each other
the whole time. And with only two ladies doing the all ordering, cooking,
serving, delivering and cleaning, the pace is so chill, you actually feel like
you’re having a meal in the islands.


The point is, there is never a shortage of competence. Customers
can order delicious oxtail anywhere. What’s scarce, and therefore valuable and
remarkable, is the running imperative that drives this restaurant’s behavior,
the nobility behind their work and the posture with which they approach their

Just another reminder that we’re not in business to sell a
product, but to create a monopoly on a story and a set of expectations, to push
an overarching narrative that’s worth remembering and spreading.



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