The freedom of being seen in that moment

During a recent approachability workshop with a group of human resources managers, one of my audience members shared a touching mantra that she recites with her employees. 

I want you to tell me all of your quirks and faults and secrets, just so I can say that I love you anyway. 

Can you imagine how profoundly freeing it must feel to be seen in that moment? 

It’s no wonder employee turnover at her company is among the lowest in the industry. The company leaders aren’t trying to escape the human condition. They’re not approaching imperfection is as a personal problem, but as a natural part of existing. 

Something that can be talked, understood and even leveraged openly. 

More organizations should embrace this communication style. More executives ought to be giving their team members license to tell them each other about their flaws. Because when once you’ve let enough people into the closet, there’s no more room for skeletons. 

You’ve left yourself nowhere to hide, and nothing but the naked truth to guide your efforts forward. 

Talk about a dream job. 

Sadly, most organizations in the world are run by big swinging dick macho narcissists who have convinced their marketing departments that allowing employees to be human beings is some sort of competitive advantage. 

But it’s not. Engaging the whole person isn’t a perk, it’s the right way to lead. 

Remember, we all need someone who knows us to endorse our value as a person. 

To be known and still be loved may be the greatest gift of all. 


Are you a champion of people’s strengths, but also compassionate towards their weakness?

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Scott Ginsberg

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