That’s not productivity, that’s psychic materialism

Thanks to the corporatization of the world, our society has officially conditioned itself to only value that which is calculable. 

We’re all in the results business now. If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense. 

And it’s too bad. Because quite often, what can’t be measured, matters. It is the unquantifiable component of the human repertoire that has the biggest impact on the people around us. 

I was having lunch with a colleague recently when the topic of return on investment came up. She asked about my concert documentary, and how I would know whether or not it was successful. 

And I told her, that’s not the point. The fact that I did it means it’s successful. The fact that it exists in the world forever is my return on investment. There’s no board of directions to whom I need to justify the value of my art. 

Contrary to corporate conditioning, when it’s your heart, you don’t have to convince people that you can’t live without it. 

The point is, not everything can be comfortably quantified. Not everything can be proved by objective standards. And when we forget that, when we constrain ourselves into a utilitarian quality to our thinking, solely assigning meaning and value according to effort and results, we get away from doing things for their own sake. 

That’s not productivity, that’s psychic materialism. 


Does the emphasis on the people around you revolve around expression or instrumentality?


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