Do people really care what you do?

When someone asks you, “So, what do YOU do,” they’re (actually) asking any number of questions.

Technically, you could respond in any of the following ways:

1. There’s what you DO.
A sound-bitey, value-driven description of the service you provide.

For example:

o I teach real estate agents how to sell more homes.
o I inspire high school students to be all they can be.
o I help IT professionals get placed in the workforce.

2. There’s what your JOB is.
A basic description of your role.

For example:

o My job is to keep this police force in line.
o My job is to make sure no animals escape from this cage.
o My job is to sit on this lifeguard stand and make sure nobody drowns.

3. There’s what your TITLE is.
An official designation that summarizes what your role is.

For example:

o I’m an Administrative Assistant.
o I’m the Chief Inspiration Officer.
o I’m the Director of Customer Listening

4. There’s where you WORK.
The physical place or company where you spend your workdays.

For example:

o I work at Monsanto.
o I work down at the plant.
o I work out of my living room. (My favorite!)

5. There’s what your OCCUPATION is.
A generic, familiar category that describes the work that occupies your time and that you are paid for.

For example:

o I’m a chef.
o I’m a contractor.
o I’m an accountant.

6. Then there’s your CRAFT.
A generic description of your unique skill or talent.

For example:

o I make music.
o I weld steel bars.
o I create training materials.

What do YOU do?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag

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