Do You Make These 16 Mistakes of Utterly Uncoachable People?

When you’re not coachable, you’re not able to see yourself fully and objectively.

When you’re not able to see yourself fully and objectively, you’re not able to maximize learning.

When you’re not able to maximize learning, you’re not able to grow.

When you’re not able to grow, you’re not able to win.

LESSON LEARNED: Those who are coachable are profitable.

Now, instead of coaching you on how to become more coachable (I’m sure Google could do that for you) let’s approach this issue counterintuitively.

I’ve compiled a list of mistakes made by utterly uncoachable people. Special thanks to a few of my favorite coach-ey friends Dixie Gillaspie and Angela Leib for their brainstorms…

You Might be an Utterly Uncoachable Person If…

1. You allow emotional reactivity to block helpful feedback from entering your world.

2. You endlessly assert your ego by telling the coach he was wrong.

3. You begin every sentence with, “Yeah but…”

4. You complain that the coach is unfairly singling you out.

5. You constantly challenge the credibility of the coach.

6. You refuse to be open your behavior to review.

7. You aren’t receptive to feedback.

8. You don’t follow up after you’ve been given help.

9. You evade responsibility that change starts with you.

10. You limit yourself to only one outcome for every situation.

11. You listen thoroughly to people’s advice, and then go back to what you were going to do in the first place.

12. You object to feedback and shut down your coach via emotional reactivity.

13. You request advice for the sole purpose of NOT following it.

14. You rattle off a list of successful people that never needed coaches.

15. You refuse to follow the coach’s advice out of spite, even if the path leads to success.

16. You refuse to learn things about yourself that you’ve never seen before.

Make sure you’ve avoiding these mistakes at all cost, and you’ll have a tremendous head start on boosting your coachability.

In summary, let’s turn to a 2009 post from Seth Godin, who had this to say on being coachable:

“In fluid marketing and organization environments, where the world changes rapidly, coachability is a key factor in evolving and succeeding. Not because all advice is good advice. In fact, most advice is lousy advice. No, the reason coachability is so crucial is that without it, you don’t have the emotional maturity to consider whether the advice is good or not. You reject the process out of hand, and end up stuck.”

REMEMBER: Becoming coachable leads to becoming profitable.

What do YOu think makes an uncoachable person?

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