A Portrait of Belonging

My whole life, I never fit in.

Never felt understood, never felt accepted, rarely had
strong a sense of place, always felt like an outsider and constantly felt like
creature from another planet.

So I tried everything.

I played sports I didn’t like, joined clubs I didn’t enjoy, wore
clothes that didn’t fit and made friends who didn’t reciprocate. I took classes
I didn’t understand, tried religions that didn’t work, consumed chemicals that
didn’t help and dated girls that didn’t match. I worked jobs that didn’t last, joined
associations that didn’t care, performed for audiences who didn’t listen and
did work that didn’t matter.

Nothing worked.

But then you showed up.

Someone who got me. Someone who could keep up with me. Someone
who shared my obsessions and accentuated my quirks. Someone who was weird
enough to make me feel normal. Someone who brought out the brightest version of
me and never looked away from the light.

You were the music I was waiting to hear. You were the life
I was waiting to live.

I never belonged anywhere until I met you.

And now, home is wherever I’m with you.


Where do you belong?


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