Why are you relaxing your marketing efforts?

Think back to the last time you heard an entrepreneur say one of the following things:

o “I’ll get around to doing some marketing when I get back in town.”
o “This month all my attention is focused on marketing!”
o “As soon as the summer hits, it’s marketing time!”
o “I really need to be doing some marketing this week…”


Marketing is something you need to do EVERY day.

Period. No exceptions. Q.E.D. End of story!

Every. Single. Day.

Now, I understand this is a difficult concept for a lot of entrepreneurs to swallow.

And I respect that. Because not everyone has the time, money or resources to do marketing EVERY single day.

…Or do they?

Well, it depends on how you define marketing.

Personally, I think it’s easy to do marketing every day — IF you practice the following:

Find a way to transform EVERYTHING you do into some form of marketing.


Every email.
Every blog post.
Every sales call.
Every conversation.
Every networking event.
Every piece of snail mail.
Every phone conversation.


Of course, that doesn’t mean shamelessly promoting your products and services at every possibly opportunity.

All that does is interrupt (and, therefore) bother people.

BUT, THE GOOD NEWS IS: Marketing, as a verb, can be simply defined as “sharing.”

That’s it. One word. Sharing.

So, here’s what you do…

At the beginning of each workday, ask yourself ONE question:

How WILL I share my company’s uniqueness today?

Then, at the end of each workday, ask yourself ONE question:

How DID I share my company’s uniqueness today?

Do that consistently, and after six months, you’ll have more business than you’ll know what to do with.

REMEMBER: Entrepreneurs who only do marketing “here and there,” will only get new business … here and there.

Why are you relaxing your marketing efforts?

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