If You Still Have Execution Problems After Reading This Blog Post, You’re Either Drunk, Braindead — Or I’m a Terrible Writer

People frequently ask me how I manage to be so productive.

My answer is very logical and simple:

1. No meetings.
2. No employees.
3. No interns.
4. No busywork.
5. No filing.
6. No copying.
7. No excuses.
8. No hurdles.
9. No bullshit.
10. No bureaucracy.
11. No asking permission.
12. No begging for forgiveness.
13. No items to submit for approval.
14. No extraneous layers of management to slow things down.
15. No memos.
16. No signatures.
17. No status reports.
18. No kids.
19. No television.
20. No surfing the web.
21. No mass media.
22. No coworkers.
23. No putting out fires.
24. No waiting for people.
25. No gossip.
26. No worrying.
27. No headaches.
28. No managing people.
29. No managing logistical problems.
30. No walking on eggshells.
31. No task requests.
32. No micromanaging.
33. No useless planning of things that don’t matter.
34. No processes to weigh me down and diminish my energy.
35. No wasting time defending past decisions to preserve my ego.
36. No time burned on making unnecessary effortful cognitive choices.
37. No tinkering with broken processes.
38. No endless list of people trying to reach me.
39. No distractions.
40. No bloated decision-making hierarchy.
41. No distance between the owner and decisions that matter.
42. No awkward staff lunches.
43. No committees to go in front of.
44. No socializing.
45. No compromising.
46. No doing activities that aren’t focused on my number one goals.
47. No doing activities that don’t leverage my gifts.
48. No doing activities that aren’t income generating.
49. No office politics.
50. No office.
51. No clothes.
52. No shoes.
53. No commute.
54. No traffic.
55. No interruptions.
56. No paperwork.

After deleting all of that noise, what are you left with?

Work. That matters.

If that were YOUR work environment, you’d be pretty productive too.

Now, I’m not trying to use my situation as a reason. Or use your situation as an excuse.

But we are exactly where we are because we choose to be there.

JUST REMEMBER: Productivity isn’t about what you do – it’s about what you avoid.

I think Mr. Miyagi said it best:

“The best way to block a punch is to not be there.”

What consumes your time but isn’t making any money?

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