The beauty and power of … The Pause

Listening is PAUSING.

And silence is a beautiful thing.

So, if you want to grow bigger ears, you’ve got to learn to appreciate the value of stillness.

I suggest the following Pausing Practices for listening success:

PAUSE … before you give an answer.
Take your time. Think about your response. Choose your words carefully. Let the silence speak to you. Demonstrating contemplation shows respect to the questioner.

PAUSE… after you ask a question.
Don’t continue to add value. No need to explain your question further. Ask; then be quiet. Let the pearl sink. Use your pause to create space in the conversation for the other person to think, breathe and just BE.

PAUSE … when someone else is on a roll.
Let them finish. Let them get it off their chest. Become a sounding board. Silence often serves as a permission slip for the other person to go deeper. Let them get to the good stuff.

PAUSE … after powerful, emotional or intelligent insights.
Not to gloat at your newfound eloquence, but to watch the other person take it in. To note how he or she reacts. To let them give birth to their own understanding. To be a listening midwife.

How are you tapping into the power of the pause?

For the list called, “13 Roles of The Listener,” send an email to me, and I’ll send you the list for free!

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