Awesome St. Louis Couple Takes Relationship to Next Level By Relocating to New York City

St. Louis, Missouri (PRWEB) August 30, 2011 — After a fateful meeting on one year ago, followed by a blissful year of dancing, singing and cooking, local lovers Brittany Barton and Scott Ginsberg have decided to their take talents to New York City to pursue their dreams.

“I am certain of two things,” said Barton, 26, “That our relationship is the foundation of our lives; and that New York is pretty much the most awesome city in the world and totally wants us to live there.”

Ginsberg, 31, was equally gushy. “I’m pumped, man. We’re committed, excited, a little scared, and ready to combine our lives and grow together. We believe the opportunities of living in The Big Apple could change us forever. And even if we don’t stay there permanently, even if we have to let the city crumble, we’re sticking together. The relationship is bigger than anything.”

As an urban planner, historic preservationist and sustainability geek, Barton is thrilled to surround herself by the gorgeous New York landscape. “I have a lust for rust,” she writes on her popular blog, Susty Life, “and after spending the last four years working in the non-profit and conservation field, it’s time to devote my efforts to my lifelong passion: Urban landscapes. What better place than New York City?”

Ginsberg, an author, speaker, publisher and nametag aficionado, also relishes the career opportunities this transition will provide. “If you’re an artist, New York is the place to be,” he writes on his award-winning website, HELLO, my name is Scott! “And since my enterprise is portable, I can’t wait to watch how the energy, buoyancy and constant stimulation of New York influences my writing and grows my business. Plus the pizza is really good.”

Scottany’s transition won’t be an easy one. The move will tax their patience, test their relationship and call upon their greatest resources to make it work. Between Scott renting his condo and Brittany getting a new job, much work has yet to be done.

But they are actively soliciting support, help and networking opportunities from their friends and families. Barton and Ginsberg are welcoming suggestions, recommendations and career opportunities from anyone with connections in the New York area. If you know of something or someone who can help with their journey, please contact Scottany immediately.

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