Scott Ginberg’s Digital Devotional Series, Book 7: Stick-to-itiveness

Easy buttons are lies.

It might take guts to stick yourself out there.

But it takes gusto to
keep yourself out there.

Fortunately, stick-to-itiveness can be learned.

Aka, “Stick to it.”

Aka, “Stick with it.”

Aka, “Stick in there.”

The secret is, commitment changes everything.

Whether you’re starting a new relationship, moving to a new
city, going full time with your business or devoting your life to a charitable
cause, it’s amazing how many positive results occur when you cross that

But commitment is not a light switch. It’s not something you
turn on when the room goes dark. Commitment is a daily demonstration. Commitment
is a constitutional core value. Commitment is a posture that makes you more

Please welcome to the family:


How Commitment Changes Everything

If you don’t have a Kindle, here’s a downloadable version for free.

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