Are You Trying to Make a Sale or Earn the Right to a Relationship?

It’s one thing to be generous, give gifts, make an impression and create a moment worth remembering.

But if you’re hoping to run up the
score just to guilt people into working with you, if you’re trying to
make something happen in the first minute of the conversation, you don’t have
someone’s best interests in mind. Creating a sense of indebtedness and social
pressure to reciprocate doesn’t work anymore.

Instead of trying to make a sale, earn the right to a

Begin with some light
Spend twenty minutes online looking for that one kernel, that one
detail, that triggers a whole character, even a whole world, for your prospect.
Something there’s no possible way you could have known. Then, when you show up
at their office, hold something in your hand that speaks to that.

Help people think
Bring them new ideas. Create and capitalize on the
content others neglect. Find value in the discarded, see things nobody else can
see, then paint a picture that changes everything. Then, when you sit
down with people, the ideas you share will equip them to spot a new story with
their own eyes.

start with the customer.
Make tangible efforts to be relevant
within their lifestyle. Help people with what they’re already doing instead of
artificially squeezing yourself into their overcrowded lives. Then, when you
call them on the phone, you’ll prove that you care enough to understand their

a stand for their greatness.
Put their name up in
lights. Give people a front row seat to their own brilliance. Instead of
sending prospects an article of interest, write a blog post that turns their
company into the article of interest itself, then dedicate to them. Then, when
you send them an email, the subject line will edify their genius.

Focus on that, and the sale will make itself.


Are you trying to make a sale or earn the right to a


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