You can’t spell M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G without the word…

I heart anagrams.

I posted last year about anagramming the word “attraction.

Kind of a neat experiment. Came out pretty cool.

So, let’s do another one today:

You can’t spell M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G without the word…

Art. Because it IS an art. And a science. And a practice. All of the above. How many marketing books did you read this month?

Gent. Be kind and respectful. Just like a proper gentleman. Your marketing will never fail. (Unless your product is unremarkable and people hate it.) How are you currently disrespecting your customers?

Gnat. Don’t be annoying. Make music; not noise. Interact; don’t interrupt. Be the Gent that you are and stop “following up” so damn much. If they want you, they’ll hire you. Are you the constant buzz in your customer’s ear that’s driving them crazy?

Grant. Permission, that is. Permission to be your unique self and shout that from the rooftops. Best marketing advice I ever got. What part of your Personal Truth are you afraid to incorporate into your marketing plan?

Great. Which, if you think about it, isn’t that great. Sure, it’s better than Good. But even great only goes so far. You job is to be AWESOME. To literally fill people with awe. Is your marketing making people gasp?

Ink. If you’re not getting published in print, you’re in trouble. And by that I mean “your articles,” “articles ABOUT you,” and “articles QUOTING” you. Why don’t you have a media room on your website?

Irk. That’s what will happen if people keep hearing FROM you, and not ABOUT you. Whom are you annoying?

Kart. If you’re spelling the name of your products, services, or, God Forbid, your company name with a superfluous “K,” “Ph,” “Z,” I’m sorry, but your marketing sucks. Is Koffee Krazy REALLY the best name you could think of?

Kin. Your family, who loves you more than anyone, will constantly try to get you business. It will NEVER pan out. “A woman I met at the salon is going to call you,” your mother says. No, Mom, she’s not. She’s never going to call. She’s never going to hire me. She was just being nice because you were gushing about your son and she didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Thank you anyway. I still love you! How many leads in your pipeline are total wastes of time?

King. And another thing. If you have the word “King,” in your company name, you’re out of your mind. Why didn’t you hire Brains on Fire instead of having your fifteen year-old nephew, Caleb, create your brand identity?

Manger. That’s where the greatest marketer in the history of mankind was born. And all he did was listen, ask questions, love everybody, forgive everybody and serve according to his purpose. Whom are you imitating?

Met. As in, “meet.” How many people did you go out of your way to avoid last week?

Mink. It’s really, really expensive. And yet, people buy it. Hmm. Interesting. Are you undercharging?

Nag. This is how people will know you if your follow-up phone calls and emails don’t have any other purpose besides trying to close them. Whom are you nagging?

Trek. That means working your ass off. That means trudging through the snow. That means slugging it out and sticking yourself out there until everyone knows who you are. What time did you get up this morning?

How would you complete the sentence, “You can’t spell M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G without the word…”?

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