Are you following up with value or vomit?


That’s the sound of most salespeople’s follow-up practices.

No originality + No engagement + No valid reason for following up = No sale.

Let’s look at five unremarkable follow up approaches (vomit), and replace them with five unforgettable approaches (value):

VOMIT: “Have you gotten a chance to look over my proposal?”
VALUE: “I just found a fascinating article about your #1 competitor…”

LET ME ASK YA: Do you have Google Alerts on your customers’ competitors? Do you use Google Alerts?

VOMIT: “Did you have any questions about…?”
VALUE: “Here are the answers to the top ten questions my customers usually ask me…”

LET ME ASK YA THIS: Do you have a PDF of the most frequently asked questions by your customers, along your answers to them? Is it posted on your website? Do you even have a website?

VOMIT: “Did you want to go ahead and move forward on this project?”
VALUE: “I just wrote a blog post using your company as an example!”

LET ME ASK YA THIS: How many days did you blog last week? Do you even have a blog?

VOMIT: “Have you and your wife come to a decision yet?”
VALUE: “I’m going to be giving a free investment seminar this Wednesday at the local Chamber of Commerce – would you and your wife like to attend as my guests?”

LET ME ASK YA THIS: When was the last time you gave a public presentation? How many customers and prospects did you invite to watch you?

VOMIT: “Just wanted to check up and see how everything was going…”
VALUE: “I just finished my latest book called ‘101 Money Mistakes Made by Smart Businesspeople.’ Would you like an autographed copy?”

LET ME ASK YA THIS: Is everything you know written down somewhere? What did you write today?

VOMIT: “Have there been any changes in your company’s IT system in the last six months?
VALUE: “I just finished recording a two-minute video about the biggest technology mistakes made by smart companies. Check it out!”

LET ME ASK YA THIS: How are you incorporating video into your sales process? How many value-driven, fun, cool videos do you have posted online?

Value or Vomit.

The choice is yours.

NOTE: Blaaaargh is my new favorite word, thanks to my world-class designer, The Jackie.

Do your follow up approaches scream Blaaaargh* or Brilliant?

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