How do you leave people?

1. Do you leave people wondering?
Because you enlisted their creativity.

2. Do you leave people wanting more?
Because you emotionally engaged them.

3. Do you leave people curious?
Because you built a frame of interest and intrigue.

4. Do you leave people laughing?
Because you helped them evoke the humor in their own lives.

5. Do you leave people inspired?
Because you enabled them to give birth to their own realizations.

6. Do you leave people thinking differently about themselves?
Because you challenged them apply something to their own lives.

7. Do you leave people feeling good about themselves?
Because you honored, respected and made them feel essential.

8. Do you leave people thinking, in general?
Because you asked pointed, creative and penetrating questions.

9. Do you leave people reevaluating?
Because something you said made them confront themselves.

10. Do you leave people relieved?
Because you actually listened to them.

How do you leave people?

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag

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