Survey reveals that “beasts” increase a wine bottle’s retail approachability

Thanks to good ol’ Google Alerts, as soon as the words “approachable,” “approachability” and the like show up on the internet, I get to read about them.

I started doing this for research purposes, as well as discover cool stuff to post on this blog. And the one thing I’ve noticed in the past few years is that whenever “approachable” comes up, at least one of the links is a page about wine.


From what I’ve gathered, people who talk in “winespeak” use the word approachable to describe the flavor, smell and age of the wine. I personally have NO idea what the hell that means since a) I don’t drink, b) know absolutely nothing about wine, and c) don’t really care about wine.

Although, Sideways is one of my favorite movies, ironically. But that might have less to do with wine and more to do with Virginia Madsen. Yowsa.

Anyway, I DID come across a fascinating press release about the LABELS of wine as they pertain to approachability. Check it out:

“According to the marketing information company, ACNielsen, in the super-competitive business of selling wine, animals on labels give new brands an edge.”

And this is my favorite part…

“Americans buy twice as much of new wines with beasts on their labels as they do other new wines.”

“Animals help labels stand out on crowded wine shelves where a monkey, kangaroo or a loon can be seen against a backdrop of the more mundane.”

“And in addition to using colorful, animal labels, some of the hottest-selling wines are swapping corks for screwcaps.”

“California’s FishEye Winery is one of the wines coming in new 3-liter boxes as well as in traditional bottles. Company spokeswoman Laurie Jones says selling wine in boxes makes the process less intimidating. She says approachable wines with memorable labels are able to attract consumers, especially when they’re affordable.”

I’ll drink to that!


What do you think makes a product package approachable to retail customers?

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