Spur into the kind of action that will help the organization thrive

Nobody goes to work waiting for somebody else to light their fire. 

That’s how motivation works. It doesn’t happen to people, it happens in them.

And so, if you want the people around you to spur into the kind of action that will help the organization thrive, don’t spend too much time pointing out their flaws and inspiring them with fear and offering sandwich feedback and dangling carrots on sticks. 

Instead, focus on creating an environment that supports the pursuit of meaning. 

Zappos employees often say that they love seeing the look on friend’s faces when they tell them where they work. It’s that motivated and meaningful of an organization. According to their annual culture book, the company allows people to do what they love in an environment that wants them to do it. They offer team members the freedom to use the talents they might never exercise anywhere else. They create a platform for employees to evolve into who they are, and more importantly, to evolve at their own pace. 

And along the journey, those people are cherished, not appreciated, but cherished, for what they contribute to the world. 

When you consider that framework of motivation and meaning around the work, it’s no wonder their organization is not only one of the best companies to work for, but also one of the best companies to buy from. 

People light their own fires. And customers from around the world pay money to watch them burn. 


Are you helping people live their life as an example of choosing meaning?


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