Simulated Compassion Has a Short Shelf Life

It’s not about getting people to care about your brand.

It’s about getting your brand to care about people.

Here’s how.

Shift the focus. Instead
of marketing around what people buy from you, market around their interests. Try
not to take your brand so seriously. It’s not because they like your brand,
it’s because they love their friends.

Enable personal
. People almost don’t know how to react when they are treated
like human beings with ideas, feelings and dreams. Build a platform where
people can share their emotions and win them forever.

Offer a welcome distraction. Instead of beating your
chest, try keeping customers entertained. People just want to
feel, laugh, cry, play, gasp and have
their imagination captured, so they can forget about life, even if only for a

Enough with the
. Instead of selling something that’s important to you and
disguising it as something that’s important to them, listen to people in their
natural habitat. Take advantage of ordinary conversations and normal discourse.
They will tell you exactly what to sell to them.

Try caring.

Simulated compassion has a short shelf life.


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