Show, Don’t Tell for UNFORGETTABLE Communication

Recently I added images of my two books onto my business cards, and the reactions have been incredible! It looks great, stands out and creates instant credibility and expertise.

This is a perfect example of “Show, Don’t Tell,” a phrase pounded down the throat of every writer. I learned it from Stephen King in his book, On Writing, where he examines the idea to its fullest extent. Yet, “Show, Don’t Tell” is another one of those concepts that carries over into just about any discipline, insofar as its ability to create UNFORGETTABLE communication!

Here are some suggestions for showing instead of telling:

  • Instead of telling your customers how great you are, show them a testimonial of someone else who says how great you are.
  • Instead of telling your spouse you love her, write her a love poem.
  • Instead of telling a colleague you want to help him improve his confidence, buy him a book on the subject.
  • Instead of telling a prospect what you can do for her, invite her to come to your office or next event to see you in action.


In what ways do you SHOW instead of tell?

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Scott Ginsberg
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