Send it to the gallows

starts by throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. In the
absence of experience, that’s really the only way to uncover which path to
pursue. We try things, we experiment, we listen to what wants to be written,
and we move forward accordingly. 

But the mistake many of us make is, we forget
to go back and clean up the old, crusty noodles off the floor. And the kitchen
starts to smell foul, scaring away potential customers. 

McDonalds recently
simplified their product line, removing more eight items from their menu.
Naturally, customers got upset. Nobody wanted to see their favorite value meal
sent to the gallows. Especially those bacon ranch chicken fajita wraps.

But business is business. And corporate representatives explained that
the company had no choice but to discontinue a number of products in an effort
to increase service speed. That’s how fast food works. A confused mind never

My question is, how bloated is your
menu? When was the last time you discontinued all of your company’s
superfluous, unsellable and outdated offerings? 

I have a consultant friend
whose service line hasn’t simplified in over a decade. I was looking over her
website, and her company seems to specialize in just about everything. But
what’s interesting is, she says eighty percent of her clients only book one or
two of those ten different programs.
And I remember thinking to myself, why haven’t you cleaned up that spaghetti
off the floor? 

I understand you wanted to position yourself in a way that
covered people who didn’t know they were clients yet. But if it’s been a decade
and you still haven’t sold it, it’s probably time to drop that loser from your
brand and let other aspects stand out better. 


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