Scott’s Sunday Sentences, Issue 015

Sentences are my spiritual currency. 

Throughout my week, I’m constantly scouring and learning and reading and inhaling and annotating from any number of newspapers, blogs, online publications, books, articles, songs, art pieces, podcasts, eavesdroppings, random conversations and other sources of inspiration.

Turns out, most of these sentences can be organized into about eleven different categories, aka, compartments of life that are meaningful to me. And since I enjoy being a signal tower of things that are interesting, I figured, why not share them on a regular basis?

In the spirit of “learning in public,” I’ve decided to publish a weekly digest of my top findings, along with their respective links or reference points. Sentence junkies of the world unite!

Creativity, Innovation & Art 

“Develop muscles and routines and practices to consistently generate compelling messages that first move you deep in your bones so that you then have something worth telling others about,” from Craft Lab.

Culture, Humanity & Society 

“Those who seek peace above all else will always deceive to keep the water calm,” from Divergent.

Identity, Self & Soul 

“A man with a habit ain’t hard to find,” from Kick Ass 2.

Lyrics, Poetry & Passages 

“Let me heal your eyes,” from Jim Henderson.

Meaning, Mystery & Being 

“You have bitten into something, your own chewing drowns out the world’s chatter,” from Brainstorm.

Media, Technology & Design 

“It’s not technology, it’s what companies are doing to people through technology,” from Generation Like.

Nature, Health Science 

“Healthy means not driven by anything unwholesome,” from Jerry Seinfeld.

People, Relationships & Love 

“God went on vacation and put you in charge,” from an overheard conversation.

Psychology, Thinking & Feeling

“Be the one who redefines toughness as restraint,” from Jen Lemen.

Success, Life & Career

“You can still make a full commitment without taking yourself too seriously,” from Michael Port.

Work, Business Organizations

“You can hire people to do everything but hire people,” from David Rosenblatt.

See you next week!


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