Scott’s Sunday Sentences, Issue 005

Sentences are my spiritual currency. 

Throughout my week, I’m constantly scouring and learning and reading and annotating from any number of newspapers, blogs, online publications, books, articles, songs, art pieces, podcasts, eavesdroppings, random conversations and other sources of inspiration.

Turns out, most of these sentences can be organized into about eleven different categories, aka, compartments of life that are meaningful to me. And since I enjoy being a signal tower of things that are interesting, I figured, why not share them on a regular basis?

In the spirit of “learning in public,” I’ve decided to publish a weekly digest of my top findings, along with their respective links or reference points. Sentence junkies of the world unite!

Creativity, Innovation & Art 

“If people in your life aren’t uncomfortable, you’re not really writing,” from a podcast conversation between Chris Rock and Alec Baldwin.

Culture, Humanity & Society 

“Buying more education only to scale new heights of stupidity,” from my new favorite book, Shop Class As Soul Craft.

Identity, Self & Soul 

“Build your story where you are,” from an interview with David Wild.

Lyrics, Poetry & Passages 

“They’ve taken their brave pills,” from a fascinating article about being Harry Potter.

Meaning, Mystery & Being 

“The principal medium of my salvation,” from an old Susan Sontag interview.

Media, Technology & Design 

“Email is now just another stream,” from an insightful Techcrunch article.

Nature, Health Science 

“There’s no free lunch in nature,” from a podcast conversation between Dr. Drew and Amber Smith.

People, Relationships & Love 

“People who are too stupid to be important,” from Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain.

Psychology, Thinking & Feeling

“In order to make the changes that you need to make, the first step is tolerating thoughts,” from an article by Eric Maisel.

Success, Life & Career

“There’s tons of money if you’re good and want to take it,” from The Lefsetz Letter.

Work, Business Organizations

“Once you can own the moment that matters, you build a loyal customer base,” from The Wall Street Journal.

See you next week!


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