Put this dream out of circulation

All of us have obsolete things in our lives. 

Maybe a dream that once brought us joy, but now has fulfilled its purpose. 

Maybe an item that we made a special effort to acquire, but we no longer use. 

Maybe a career we wanted when we were different people with different needs, but no longer applies. 

Or maybe a relationship that was meaningful at a previous life stage, but has now outlived its usefulness. 

There’s no shame in any of these things. People evolve. Preferences change. Life spirals on. 

Where we get in trouble with ourselves is when we refuse to let go. When we waste an inordinate amount of time thinking about what no longer is. And when we’re unwilling to cut new channels in the terrain of self, uprooting strands that no longer serve us.

We can’t help but suffer in these moments. And unless we let the past die, we will never become what we were meant to be. 

My coach used to challenge me on this. He would often ask:

Do you want a life of obligation, or a life of desire? 

Not an easy question to answer. Because if we want to choose the latter, we have to yank ourselves out of the ever tightening noose of consistency. 

And it’s sad and scary to part with these obsolete things.

It’s like throwing away old clothes from our closet. We know we haven’t worn that ridiculous red shirt in four years, but it just feels so comforting and nostalgic to have it hanging there. 

Yet another sign that letting go might be in order. 

People evolve. Preferences change. Life spirals on.

To grow, each of us must be willing to shed or undo elements of ourselves that no longer have a future.


What obsolete things are trapping you?


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