Part of an old life that doesn’t fit us anymore

Reacher, my favorite fictional character, is a retired solider turned vagrant who reluctantly solves government crimes and usually beats up five guys at once. Nobody does it better. 

In one particular story, his former commanding officer asks him why he chose to quit the army after thirteen years of decorated service. To which he replies:

You wake up one morning and the uniform doesn’t fit anymore.

Love that passage. As someone who is deeply conscious about his own iterations, transformations and evolutionary leaps, this kind of stuff fascinates me. It’s such a simple but powerful visualization about the evolving constellation of our identity. 

Because we all outgrow our uniforms. We all have those prescient moments when we suddenly know a different sense of living, and we must have the discipline to discard what doesn’t fit anymore. 

The crazy part is, there is no warning. There is no text message. We just look in the mirror one morning and notice our buttons pulling at the fabric to try and reach each other. 

And so, there is only acceptance. There is only embracing the mystery of our evolution, moving forward and trying not to look over our shoulder. 

Because not believing in our own evolution won’t protect us from it. 

We may as well throw out the old uniform and find a new one that fits the person we are today. 

It’s the only way to evolve toward an ever more perfect whole. 


How are you waking up to a bigger context about your own future?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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