Overlooking the heights of your greatness

I have a friend who, god bless him, always goes out of his way to show me a bigger picture of myself than I am willing to see. 

He opens to the complete possibility of what might be. 

And although I’m not always in the right headspace to confront and embrace that picture, his effort never goes unappreciated. Because as I learned from bestselling architecture book of all time:

It’s better to believe in people and burden them with a nobility beyond their endurance, than to see them as they are and accept it because it makes them comfortable. 

Our job, then, as friends and coworkers and lovers and encouragers, is to wipe out people’s resentment and confusion about their place in the world. To remind them that they’re overlooking the heights of their greatness and their ability to create their life exactly the way they want to create it. 

That’s what leaders do. They give people a front row seat to their own brilliance. They help others put aside their humility for a moment and think to themselves, wow, maybe I’m bigger than I thought. 

That’s one hell of a gift to give to someone. Even if they don’t believe they deserve it. Even if they don’t want to unwrap it. 

Deep down, they’re still grateful for the exchange. 


Are you helping people see how amazing their wings look in this light?


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