Nothing to gain, nothing to escape, nothing to win, nothing to chase

Powerlessness elicits a nauseous sense of existential dread.

But it might also be the most liberating feature of the human condition.

Owning our powerlessness, accepting the fact that we cannot offer ourselves or those we love protection from danger and pain, it actually makes us stronger. Whereas a life revolving around trying to control and fix every goddamn person and situation is exhausting.

That’s the hallmark of people with strong boundaries. They are free to pursue their own dreams and aspirations with great concentration. Because they surrendered. They are not hell bent on eradicating feelings of powerlessness.

They actually enjoy them. They have faith that their lack of power doesn’t make them hopeless, helpless victims, but rather, focused, free victors.

Now, most people will resist this response to powerlessness, as it contradicts much of what we have been taught in our culture. From a very early age, we’ve been sold the story that we can do anything and fix everything if we just try harder and want it enough, soon we will start living like we used to dream.

But that’s not reality, that’s ego. That’s a commercial for a protein supplement.

The person who is free is the person who is surrendered to the wind and wherever it blows.

Nothing to gain, nothing to escape, nothing to win, nothing to chase.

Are you trying to control life or allowing it to flow abundantly through you?


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