No breeder wants to own an unproven horse

Champion racehorses can win up to a few million dollars in purse money if they’re the first to cross the finish lines. 

Not bad for two minutes of work. 

However, the real payday, horse owners say, comes from breeding. Stud fees, to borrow a term from the animal kingdom. Derby winners, for example, can often expect to double, triple and sometimes even quadruple their value as breeding stallions. Thanks to the positioning, publicity and prestige of crossing that coveted finish line first, they’ve now earned the right to command higher prices. 

And so, winning the race is only the beginning. It’s the skeleton key that unlocks the door to future income opportunities. 

But you’re not a horse, of course. The question is, what race do you need to win to boost your stud fees? What public, prestigious achievement will afford you the ability to raise your rates? 

Because talent is talent. Value is value. Whether you’re human or equine, the goal is always to do things in the marketplace that earn you the right to charge more for your next appearance. 

I was reading an article about stud fee stabilization in the thoroughbred market, and the author explained that stud fees were determined by a variety of factors, including racetrack performance, breeder demand, global economic conditions and level of competition level in the market. 

And yet, the one commonality among all breeders was the same. 

No breeder wants to own an unproven horse. 


What opportunity will allow you to command higher stud fees than before?


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