Mission control for your existence

One of the ways that I gain perspective and control is by keeping inventory. 

By that, I mean any system that gives me an objective account of everything on my mind and in my life. Any tool that helps me assess things immediately within the context of everything I do. This keeps me from being overwhelmed at any given time. 

For example, there’s my meaning inventory, which is a list of existentially nourishing activities and tasks that are guaranteed to provide me with the experience of meaning. 

There’s my project inventory, which is a list of interesting creative ventures and commitments that flood me with a set of intensely positive emotions like happiness, exhilaration and even bliss. 

There’s my sales inventory, which is a list of prospects and potential collaborations with whom I expect to do business in the near future. 

There’s my intellectual inventory, which is a system of ideas and notes and sentences that fuel my daily creative efforts. 

There’s my financial inventory, which is a breakdown of accounts payable and receivable within my business. 

And there’s my ambition inventory, which is a list of one hundred goals and dreams for the current year that tells me a story about the ideal future I want to see. 

That way, each day, often multiple times a day, I can walk the factory floor. I can run a regular review process, taking time to see all my various inventories in one place. 

It’s a sort of mission control for my existence. A snapshot of everything that’s important to me, helping me understand the relationships between the various buckets of my life. 


What inventories are you keeping?


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