McDonald’s Doesn’t Sell Hamburgers

I’m sitting in McDonald’s right now, which is a rarity for me. I only eat here about twice a year. In fact, I’m not even eating today – I’m just waiting for the mechanic to finish my car across the street.

Anyway, the article I’m working on this week is about creativity. It’s about great ideas. It’s about those magical moments when you stop in your tracks, notice something cool and exclaim “Now THAT’S a great idea!”

As I pound away on my laptop and rock out to Chris Whitley’s fantastic new album, I realize that I can still hear the ear piercing scream of an unhappy child from across the room. I try to ignore it, but this child just doesn’t stop! He must be mad at someone. I dunno, maybe his mother made him eat McGriddles.

I take a break to stretch my legs. When I return from the bathroom I notice a large red machine by the main entrance to the store. Oh yeah, I remember, McDonald’s now rents new release DVD’s for a buck!

And then it hit me like a ton of hash browns: McDonald’s doesn’t sell hamburgers. They never have. Because while I stared at the McDVD rental machine, still listening to the sounds of that annoying, protesting McChild, I realized what McDonald’s does sell.


It’s not about the food. It’s certainly not the ambiance. It’s about shutting the kids up. That’s why parents love McDonald’s so much. SO…is it any surprise that McDonald’s now rents MOVIES for your kids to watch in the DVD player of the SUV while chowing down on delicious happy meals?!

Now THAT’S a great idea!


When was the last time you said “Now THAT’S a great idea!”?

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Scott Ginsberg
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